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Tennis Court Conversion

Tthere are a couple of items you are going to need in order to adjust the tennis to the desired pickleball height of 34.” First, is to go to the local hardware store and purchase a thin racket type strap and/or a double hook bunge cord about 2 feet. As well as 2″ wide vinyl tape.

But before you configure the tennis net and court, please make sure that you ask the governing body of the tennis courts if they will allow you to do that. Let them know that there will be no damage to the net or the court.

Option 1

Next using either the racked or bungee cord, adjust the tennis net in the center from 36″ to 34″. Off course adjust as necessary – tighten or loosen. Mark the court with 2″ wide yellow vinyl tape (which of course you can get at your local hardware store as well such as Home Depot, Ace, etc. Lot cheaper then buying form pickleball stores.That’s why we at Redwoods Pickleball don’t sell them.) Beside these are temporary and don’t ususally last more then a day depending on the weather or the surface of the tennis court.

 If you want the tape to stay longer then you have to roll up your sleeves and clean the court. Sweep then wash and let dry to remove any lose impedements on the court.  Then apply the tape as needed.

Off course on the weather on the North Coast changes by the day or hour, so be aware of that. And once you are done playing you need to remove the tape and the net adjustment so the tennis net and court is back to its original size in the center and the court is ready for any tennis players.

 We suggest just cutting the tape in 2″ instead of lining the whole court. Place the tape on the corners of the pickleball court and center lines as well as marking the kitchen area. See our blog on taping a court. Don’t forget to remove the tape after your done playing unless the governing body of the tennis courts allow to leave them in place.

Option 2.

IIf you can utilize the tennis court you can use the tennis net as a center divider and mark of 2 pickleball courts on either side of the net. Please see how to configure a tennis court in our blog. For this sceniaro you will have to provide your own regulation size pickleball nets. You can purchase these at our store. Of course please make sure that the governing body of the tennis court will allow you to do that. It’s just common courtersy.

Here are some Ideas for reconfiguring the Tennis Net:

Great Idea for Parks and Rec Departments